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End of Life Doula

Conscious Clutter Clearinng

The EnerQi Healing & Balancing work I do brings peace and centring calm to my clients, and provides spiritual kinship in times of stress and turmoil. If you are facing your mortality -- or perhaps someone you love is -- you may find yourself also facing the greatest question of all time:  what happens when I die? While the body dies, your consciousness goes on and together we can explore your deepest beliefs and allay some fears about that. This life we have on earth is a journey, but it is not the ​journey.   

conscious clutter clearing

​In the spirit of acknowledging your life and your story, I assist with the process of putting your house in order. With my background in Residential Interiors, Home Organizing and Home Staging, combined with my own spiritual values and awareness, I help with the logistics of dealing with your belongings while honouring your spiritual journey. I bring my absolute faith that while you are in the process of releasing the material world, you are also in the process of opening to a grace-filled journey into a whole new dimension. Together, we can make this a healing, enjoyable and uplifting experience. 

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Other Services

  • Writing letters and stories in the voice of the story-teller
  • ​Creating memory quilts from sentimental garments (shirts, coats or stash of cloth)
  • ​Bedside energy healing and balancing
  • Providing spiritual support and energy work for those who are attending to the death of a loved one

Fee STructure

Special $60 hourly rate applies

Because these processes may require considerable time, there is an option for a daily rate of $400 (up to 8 hours), which includes the removal and drop-off of small household items where possible